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Note: Some citations appear in more than one category.


Yaros, Ronald A. & John Misak, (forthcoming). College Writing Assignments on Mobile

Devices: Comparing Students’ Attitudes and Engagement Across Disciplines and Age,

Accepted by AEJMC's Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, March 2020.

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 Enhance Engagement and Situational Understanding By Non-Experts.
 Communication Research, 33 (4), 285-309. 



Yaros, Ronald A. (2012). Social Media and Education: Do Personalization and Interactivity

Facilitate Learning?  In H.S. Noor Al-Deen, J.A. Hendricks (Eds.) Social Media: Usage And

Impact, (pp. 57-74). Lexington Books



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Journalism, Nieman Reports, Winter 2008: Nieman Foundation, Harvard University.




Ronald A. Yaros, (2014).  The PICK Model and a new MEEC College Lecture or

a Manageable Educational Environment for Collaboration. International Communication\

Association’s preconference “Innovation in Higher Education” by the Oxford Internet

Institute and hosted at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. May 2014.


Yaros, Ronald A., (2010).  Tracking Explanations in Health News: More Attention Is Not
Always an Indicator of Understanding
, Associaton for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Denver, CO, August 4-8, 2010.


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