A MEEC blends social media interactivity between class
with interactive tablets (not laptops) during class

Similar to blended or flipped classes, a MEEC includes virtual assignments between meetings, but a MEEC adds several interactive tools during class meetings for a totally different format that enhances engagement.


The a course of 30 to 70 students, rotating teams of students use social media and mobile technology to research, post, and share course-related content. This student-produced content is then shared in class meetings using iPads or mobile phones.

Why an innovative MEEC format is needed.

The MEEC or Manageable Educational Environment For Collaboration 

  1. Addresses several cognitive processes for active learning.

  2. Has no slides in front, which merely give students the option to view.

  3. Replaces distracting laptops with dedicated iPads and interactivity.

  4. Uses tablets for polls, live web sites, and student produced content.

  5. Offers quizzes and all other content on mobile devices between class.

Video describing a MEEC class in action.