Mobile 3.0
A custom journalism course app for teaching and researching mobile users.

In the current crisis when classes are going to students instead of students traveling to classes, the goal is to reach more students more often as they spend much of their time on ubiquitous mobile devices.


Synthesizing my research of mobile learning with the development 

of a new model for content that more effectively responds to the needs and behaviors of digital users, this IOS and Android app combines a suite of news information, journalism tools, and interactive features for more personalized learning. Students instantly access and complete assignments and interact with others more often and quicker than they would in an online course.


The app can also be a platform to research mobile learning or to

present users with various content then collect live metrics to increase our understanding of how and why younger users seek, select, and share content.


In addition to live news that's captured then discussed in class,

students use one app for interactive mobile video lectures, social media, such as Flipgrid and Twitter, discussions, practice quizzes,

and text alerts to feel "more connected" in what would otherwise

be an impersonal virtual experience.


Developed and tested for the 2019-20 academic year across different journalism ourses, this custom course app is now being expanded with more features for the single senior course Understanding Audiences.